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Growing up in a Montreal suburb, Lauren Phillips felt more at home in the outdoors, hiking, paddling, and camping with family and friends. At a young age she joined Scouts Canada which gave her the opportunity to grow into leadership roles while participating in outdoor activities. Eager to find a career that would give her the opportunity to work outdoors, Lauren earned a Bachelor of Science in forestry from UBC and began her forestry career in northern B.C., eventually moving to Prince George. Working as an urban forester, the concept for OVERhang Education Centre began off the side of her desk when Lauren, who instructed ice rescue and swiftwater safety in her spare time, started coordinating the work of other outdoor safety instructors and planning an indoor climbing gym. Lauren saw a window of opportunity and jumped to make it a full-time business.

Lauren co-founded OVERhang Education Centre with her husband in 2009. What started as a climbing gym has grown into a full-service first aid training facility and education centre for outdoor safety and adventure.

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