Spotlight On Westcom Plumbing and Gas

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Mary-Anne Bowcott grew up on a hobby farm in Sooke, B.C., where hard, physical work came naturally. Tough times early on meant that Mary-Anne needed an opportunity to make a higher wage and gain financial independence. Securing a job in the trades gave Mary-Anne the means to survive on her own while completing her schooling. … Read More

Spotlight On Fukasaku

Categories: North Coast & Nechako

Dai Fukasaku was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. After leaving Tokyo, Dai lived in 13 different towns and cities throughout the United States and Canada before settling in Prince Rupert, B.C. He was drawn to Prince Rupert for it’s friendly and generous people, beautiful nature and the fresh, local seafood. Dai became interested in … Read More

Spotlight On OVERhang Education Centre

Categories: Cariboo

Growing up in a Montreal suburb, Lauren Phillips felt more at home in the outdoors, hiking, paddling, and camping with family and friends. At a young age she joined Scouts Canada which gave her the opportunity to grow into leadership roles while participating in outdoor activities. Eager to find a career that would give her … Read More

Spotlight On Kikinaw Energy Services

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Kory Wood was born and raised in Chetwynd, B.C. and is a member of the Saulteau First Nations. He credits the Saulteau First Nations and the Tansi Friendship Centre with providing him the support and resources necessary to be active in team sports at a young age. Participating in sports helped him develop the social … Read More

The Open for Business Awards Best Practices Guide supports local governments and First Nations to apply for the Open for Business Awards, which recognize and promote BC communities that have implemented leading business friendly policies and initiatives. The guide also provides ideas how to build a business-friendly environment in your community.

2020 Open for Business Awards

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The Open for Business Awards celebrate communities that have created a business friendly environment, allowing small business to flourish. The awards are a great way to celebrate your community’s achievements and gain extensive media exposure. Learn more about the 2020 Open for Business Awards by checking out this inspiring and informative video!

2020 Open for Business Awards

Categories: Open for Business Awards

BC is open for business. The Small Business Roundtable is pleased to announce the start of the Open for Business Awards nominations which opened on Tuesday, September 24th at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Conference. The Open for Business Awards recognize the communities that best demonstrate they are promoting and adopting business friendly initiatives in … Read More

Spotlight On FreshWorks Studio

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Engineer Sam Mod was out of his element when he emigrated from India to Victoria in 2013 to pursue an MBA at UVIC. With experience developing mobile apps for large corporations in India, Sam and his business partner, Rohit Boolchandani, were in over their heads with a failed first attempt as entrepreneurs. Little did they … Read More

Spotlight on Ava Technologies Inc.

Categories: Lower Mainland/Southwest

When Valerie asked her three-year old niece where the tomatoes on her pizza came from and she said “grocery stores,” Valerie knew young people were in danger of becoming even more disconnected to their food. A business graduate from UBC’s Sauder School of Business, Valerie worked in the organic food marketing industry, her first foray … Read More

Spotlight On ChopValue

Categories: Lower Mainland/Southwest

Hailing from a small village in southern Germany, Felix was headed for a career in carpentry after leaving school at 15 to study the trade. Along the way he became the best Red Seal carpenter in south Germany, earned his degree in wood engineering and worked in Ethiopia as head of product development for a … Read More